Holistic Ghostly Stockholders Discover a Dark City Secret

This was a satirical article I wrote for my newspaper class as one of our eschool assignments. The headline was made randomly and I just had to roll with it.

The world is coming to an end, or so it seems due to coronavirus concerns. No human crisis in the history of our world has ever reached a point like the one we’re at now: the economy at a standstill and people unable to leave their homes. However, if there’s one positive to come out of this crisis, it’s that stockholders of Beff Jezos’ company, Daintree, are discovering the moral cost of their stocks.

Daintree’s warehouse in Gotham City is the workplace of about 45,000 people. 45,000 people that are required to continue to go to work everyday because they are “essential employees.” These so called “essential employees” are only being paid $7.25/hr, even in the midst of a pandemic where families are unable to afford food, housing, and health care. 

Now the story here is that a Daintree customer who also happens to have a quarter of a million dollars invested in Daintree stock—who wishes to remain anonymous—received a scribbled note with his Daintree package.

The note reads: “Help us. We’re starving and aren’t protected from coronavirus. My coworker tested positive for it and came to work the next day because he couldn’t afford to not come to work.”

This was the cause of the stockholder’s realization that he should put more consideration into the companies he financially supports.

“I’m 93-years-old,” he says. “Practically a ghost. But knowing what these workers are going through will help me look at companies and stocks holistically, considering the moral cost along with the fiscal one, for whatever remains of my life.”

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18-year-old future polisci major. Lesbian.

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